The Guv'nor cording up a big LimeFirst Class Tree Care


Here's the Guv'nor - Alan Clark - pictured getting to the root of the problem!


First Class have a wealth of experience in all aspects of tree surgery - the Guv'nor has been working for some 50 years and some of our High Climbers are third generation.


Caveat Emptor ! Buyer Beware !


There are many rogue traders operating in this branch of business - call us with the confidence that while we love horses on this firm -

we are not cowboys
We won't make a Crisis worse


If you have been unfortunate enough to have a calamity involving a tree - we will do our best to remove it for you, quickly, efficiently and most of all  





Call 07593 - 249075
 First Class emergency - a tree fallen on a house!First Class can also undertake all sorts of building repairs should they prove necessary.


Stumps can be ground or grubbed out with our own machinery.


We recycle most tree products too so you won't find us tipping by night!
Proper tree care.

Many firms around - particularly ones plying for trade door to door - sadly, turn out to be little more than rip-off merchants.


We are not in the business of simply cutting lumps off trees for money in the fastest possible time and leave you fearing for the safety of your valueables.


We are knowledgeable in all aspects of tree cultivation and care from the seedling stage to full maturity. For every tree we cut down - we have planted many more and kept others healthy.