Now that's what I call a lawn!

Full Garden Maintenance.


Many of our clients regard their garden as simply a place to enjoy the outside air and in which the hardest exertion will be pouring their next drink! Leaving the work to First Class frees up their time for the important things of life - socializing and watching the clouds go by.


We can take the backache out of your garden by undertaking the mowing, lawncare, hedgetrimming and weeding on an individual or routine basis.

First Class Maintain, the larger garden, residential developments and communal gardens for Residents Associations.

Full Remit Gardening.


Many of our full maintenance clients love to gaze out on their garden looking its best the whole year round - for these discerning folk we discuss a working budget and plan not just for the year ahead but for future improvements.

These two featured photos picture a garden where the lawn is of special interest and show the improvement during a single season.

 Notice the lawn is becoming more stripey!

"Now, that's what I call a lawn" A quote from a visitor to one of our maintained gardens.