First Class Fencing.


We only install the finest quality heavy duty fencing.


This usually takes the form of closeboard panels fixed to either timber or concrete posts and gravelboards, features a stylish capping rail and post caps.


Our posts are 100mm by 100mm and bedded into concrete in a well excavated hole regardless of the soil obstructions.  Consequently First Class have never had a fence fall over and guarrantee all work to stand where others fail. Many contractors skimp on digging the holes because they are difficult, time consuming and contain costly amounts of concrete - however; there is no substitute for quality and if a job's worth doing........... 


Where we install timber gravel boards ( they are the horizontal boards at the bottom, between the posts ) we fit 50mm thick timber which is twice as thick as most competitors, we find this gives stability and a sound base for the future. Our fences are made from 1.800mm modules ( metric is slightly smaller than old fashioned 6ft ) in panel form, many of them made in our own workshops or to our specification. All are made from sustainable timber sources and are treated against insect and fungus attack but are otherwise environmentally friendly.  



If you like Concrete.....


We can supply both the posts and gravel boards in concrete

We can even supply and install posts to the same specification as the old British Standard for concrete posts - these are far heavier than those readily available.


May be Unique ?


We still have our gardener's hats on when fencing so we look after your plants better than most and clear up very well.


 New 100ft Closeboard fence, timber posts.
 Closeboard fence featuring heavy concrete posts

 What your neighbours see.